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Seniors Sing-A-Long music

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2018  - 12 Month Calendar - 1 Page

2018 Calendar - 12 Pages

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This is the K-LEE RADIO Free Downloads Page. We have a "Snow Day" Kids kit, but you can use it for any day - Teachers Training Day - Sick Day or Holiday ....... when you are looking for things to entertain your children. Just right click on any of the Freebies and download it to your own computer and print out the crafts on paper or card stock.


SNOW DAY KIT  -  Paper Airplane 1              Paper Airplane 2                  Alien Mask             

                Pirate Mask                      Battleship Game                 Boomerang

                Color By # 1                       Color By # 2                        Dinosaurs

                Find Differences 1              Find Differences 2                Find Differences 3

                Finger Puppets                  Paper Doll Girl                     Fireman Cutout

                Mask To Color                    Rainbow Birds                    Rulers

                Snakes & Ladders                Tyranasaurus Rex             Chores Chart   

                Kids Play Money


FREEBIES FOR HOME -   These next free items make use of Microsoft Word but if you do not have that program, download a free copy that you can open these files with  -

You can use these files at home, at work or or your club or sport team.

To download the Word files, right click and "save as"


 Halloween Letterhead  1              Halloween Letterhead  2         Apt. For Rent 

  Basic Fax Cover                    Business Hours Sign

            Car Wash Sign                             Certificate of Achievement      Appreciation Certif.

            Clip Board Sign                            Dance Poster 1                        Dance Poster 2

            Happy Anniversary                      Happy Birthday                     Hello Tags

            Meeting Sign                                Recipe Cards                           Things To Do

            Draw Tickets                               Welcome Sign                          Yard Sale Sign

            Party Notice                                Fancy Scroll 1                         Basketball Scoresheet

            Fancy Scroll 2                               No Smoking                            For Sale Sign

            Blank Diploma                           Two Birds Invitation               Letterhead (singer)

           Letterhead (cat lover)                Letterhead (horses)                  Letterhead (Summer)

         Baseball Scoresheet                    Basketball Scoresheet                 Darts Scoresheet

         Bowling Scoresheet                    Car Bingo                                    Indoor Scavenger Hunt

         Outdoor Scavenger Hunt         Yahtzee Scoresheet

            Small or Home Business

Invoice (editable)                     Business Card template

Phone Messages               Business Card 2                 Business Card 3

Business Card 4               

FREE VALENTINES DANCE POSTER - Just highlight the text in the poster

and type in your own information

Valentines Hearts Border for any event, fund raiser or club activity


POSTERS - Most are in Microsoft Word format and you can highlight the text and type in your own information to create quick and easy Posters courtesy of Northside This Week

Casino Night            Fashion Show            Music Concert            Dart Tournament       
5 K Walk                   Chase The Ace            Bake Sale                  Bingo         Car Wash            Dance Poster            Games Night              Happy Hour             Hockey 1      Ladies Night Out
Movie Night               Pizza Party             Spring Flower         Bachelor Party
BBQ                           Boiled Dinner           Dance 1                  Easter Event        Fish Dinner
Grad Party                Karaoke                   Lawn Mow           Open Mike           Pool Tourney
St. Patricks                Child Poster            Tooth Fairy Letter         Tooth Fair Late Letter

Easter Bunny Letter    Car Wash               Silent Auction           Fair & Festival

Bingo Flyer                  Lost Dog                 Piano Lessons          For Rent With Phone #

Scavenger Hunt           Fall Festival            Fund Raiser              Puppet Show

Child Care            Halloween Poster 1           Hallloween Poster 2



Keep checking here as we will be adding new posters as the seasons come.